Better Late Than Never…

So I’ve been told that this blog/website is long-overdue, as many of my friends and family came to me for advice on travel, fashion, and lifestyle-related topics, and every single time, right after I gave them the answers or solutions, they’d thank me and then ask me the exact same question –“Why don’t you start your own blog or website to talk about these things? Obviously you’re so good at them!”

While I’m no expert in ALL these fields, I did learn many great tips and tricks from the great World Wide Web, as well as through my personal experiences. And I think the information and experiences I acquired will be beneficial to many of you guys (who read my blog), whether you personally know me or not. I didn’t realize this until I recently wrote a Facebook post (picture below) about How I Took A $10K Luxury Trip in Europe (almost) for free, and got so many responses (likes/questions/comments) from total strangers.  Continue reading “Better Late Than Never…”