How to Rent an Audi A4 for $50/day (and Earn $25 for Yourself)?

Whether it’s for leisure or for business, when traveling domestically in the U.S, rental car is a major means of transportation to get from Point A to Point B, because after all, America is a Nation on Wheels. We’re all too familiar with the whole rental process, which involves a lot of waiting in line and paperwork, as well as the wishful thinking that the employees at the counter will actually bring you the car you wanted, so that they won’t up-sell you a better model.

My Rental Car in Greece.JPG

Technology is revamping each and every industry these days, including rental car industry. Silvercar, an Austin-based startup, decided to take a different path than the traditional rental car companies. Launched in 2012, this app-based, Audi-only rental car service gained its popularity among savvy travelers by offering a fleet of silver Audi A4 sedans at a reasonable pricing (In early 2018, Silvercar added Audi Q5 SUVs as second vehicle option). Average daily rates for the A4 model range from $49 to $79, with occasional promotions that further lowers the daily rate to $39. That’s basically the cost for a compact or economy-level car from the major rental car companies, such as Hertz or Enterprise. Continue reading “How to Rent an Audi A4 for $50/day (and Earn $25 for Yourself)?”


How to Quickly Rack Up Chase UR Points in Everyday Activities

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In my last post, I wrote about How I Took a $10K Trip in Europe for (almost) Free, by using mainly Chase Ultimate Reward Points, so many people started wondering why I chose Chase credit cards for travel, and where I got so many Chase UR points from, to begin with. Now I’m going to tell you why you need Chase UR points if you like to travel for free, and how you can quickly rack up your UR points through different daily activities.


There’re so many credit cards on the market these days, some offer cash back bonuses, some offer airline miles or free hotel nights, some offer certian elite status and travel perks, so which credit cards are the right ones to choose for free travel? Continue reading “How to Quickly Rack Up Chase UR Points in Everyday Activities”

A $10K Luxury Trip in Europe for (almost) Free! (Say What?!)

“Travel, especially international travel, is costly.”, that is often the presumption most people hold. So when I told my friends back in May, that I was planning a 10-day trip to Europe, where I’d be flying business class among the 4 different European countries I was about to explore, and staying at a hotel suite with a private pool, overlooking the Aegean Sea, they either thought that I hit the jackpot, or that I was a “trust fund babe”, or that I was simply going “cray cray”…But the truth is, I paid nothing out of my pocket besides government-imposed taxes and fees (therefore almost free) for my flights to and from, as well within Europe; and the nice hotel suite was also free. So how did I pull that off? Continue reading “A $10K Luxury Trip in Europe for (almost) Free! (Say What?!)”

Better Late Than Never…

So I’ve been told that this blog/website is long-overdue, as many of my friends and family came to me for advice on travel, fashion, and lifestyle-related topics, and every single time, right after I gave them the answers or solutions, they’d thank me and then ask me the exact same question –“Why don’t you start your own blog or website to talk about these things? Obviously you’re so good at them!”

While I’m no expert in ALL these fields, I did learn many great tips and tricks from the great World Wide Web, as well as through my personal experiences. And I think the information and experiences I acquired will be beneficial to many of you guys (who read my blog), whether you personally know me or not. I didn’t realize this until I recently wrote a Facebook post (picture below) about How I Took A $10K Luxury Trip in Europe (almost) for free, and got so many responses (likes/questions/comments) from total strangers.  Continue reading “Better Late Than Never…”