How to Quickly Rack Up Chase UR Points in Everyday Activities

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In my last post, I wrote about How I Took a $10K Trip in Europe for (almost) Free, by using mainly Chase Ultimate Reward Points, so many people started wondering why I chose Chase credit cards for travel, and where I got so many Chase UR points from, to begin with. Now I’m going to tell you why you need Chase UR points if you like to travel for free, and how you can quickly rack up your UR points through different daily activities.


There’re so many credit cards on the market these days, some offer cash back bonuses, some offer airline miles or free hotel nights, some offer certian elite status and travel perks, so which credit cards are the right ones to choose for free travel? Continue reading “How to Quickly Rack Up Chase UR Points in Everyday Activities”


A $10K Luxury Trip in Europe for (almost) Free! (Say What?!)

“Travel, especially international travel, is costly.”, that is often the presumption most people hold. So when I told my friends back in May, that I was planning a 10-day trip to Europe, where I’d be flying business class among the 4 different European countries I was about to explore, and staying at a hotel suite with a private pool, overlooking the Aegean Sea, they either thought that I hit the jackpot, or that I was a “trust fund babe”, or that I was simply going “cray cray”…But the truth is, I paid nothing out of my pocket besides government-imposed taxes and fees (therefore almost free) for my flights to and from, as well within Europe; and the nice hotel suite was also free. So how did I pull that off? Continue reading “A $10K Luxury Trip in Europe for (almost) Free! (Say What?!)”